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Here we live Olof and Ulla Alfredsson with our dogs by breed
Norwich Terrier and Basset Artesien Normand.
The dogs live with us as family members and give us
many pleasant moments. Each dog has its own little personality.
All of our dogs is that they are happy, social, and they love
when somebody comes to visit. They are first in the door or gate
to the garden
to welcome you.

We have a large enclosed garden where the dogs can play and run around freely.
 We are close to their own hunting grounds and countryside with forests and lakes

Kullalyckans Kennel started in 1994 (approved FCI/SKK 1994)
 We have Swedish Kennel Club Breeders education
Permission of Swedish Country Administative Board
  for our dog breeding
. Diploma BPH Breeder

We have been on a small scale,
breeding of hunting dogs such as Tax,
 Drever and Basset Artesien Normand.
Our first Basset Artesien Normand came to us in 1984 and the breed has since
its been with us.

News from 2004 to Norwich Terrier came into our kennel. There is no
hunting dog but a spirited and sturdy little dog that can keep up with at the time.
With our shared interest in dogs so we hope for a bright future
for happy, healthy and loved puppies. You can read more about our dogs, see the menu
on startpage

I am Ulla who has designed the website. After courses in web design and
graphic creation, I decided and I wanted a personal website for our breeding,
 where I created everything myself such as web layouts, backgrounds,
graphics etc. I have a page that I call Ulla's corner, there are some

of the result I created using the Paint Shop Pro drawing program
You will come to Ulla's Corner, see the menu on startpage

News from 2014 I opened the store KullalyckDesign, a small sewing ateljé with own
 dog products and some other things. I sell
internet but you are also welcome to
visit us to see the articles. You get to the store
, see the menu on startpage

WELCOME to look around on all sides! Hope you get a nice moment and
want to come back!

Kullalyckans Jessy

Ulla and Bella

Ulla and Humlan

 Our garden


I'm Ulla who designed the website. After courses in web design and
graphic creation, I decided. I wanted a personal website at
our kennel, where I created all by yourself so as wallpapers, graphics, etc ...
It started of course with the Kennel page, since it was not possible to stop me;
so it has only gotten more and more. Webhotel I have been expanding several times
to make room for all websites.

WELCOME to surf around the Kennel Kullalyckans & Ugrafik

Gilda Swedish Champion


In our garden

Holidays in Ransäter, Ulla, Bella och Knytte


Our house in December 2017


Dogs in snow, December 2017

Zandy's  9 Puppies born in August 2017

Kullalyckans Jessy born in August 2017


Olof with Ella, Vera and Hugo


Gilda & Hugo

Dog show in Borås 2009....hottest day?

Ella & Vera & Hugo

Vera & Hugo



Vera & Hugo


Lilla Knytte





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