Grooming for everyday norwichterrier


The Norwich Terrier is a breed that needs to be trimmed, picked, stripped
(not cut!)
It has three furs, at the bottom a dense undercoat, then new rough
fur and then the old fur to be groomed off and
leave room for new fur. The coats should roll for best results.
If you want to have your dog in show condition, you have to
pull away fur very often. Incidentally, 2-3 times/year

I groome my norwich terriers myself. I'm not a specialist
area but teach me gradually and learn of my mistakes. I'm
for every straw you pull off, there will be a new healthy one. Its no
disaster if it gets a little wrong sometimes, as long as you not cut the straw.
I have no opportunity to offer grooming of our sold puppies
because my fingers can't handle it.
However, I am happy to help with tips and advice.

A norwich does not need to be bathed and shampooed as often. It is enough
sometimes just by rinsing off paws and stomach if it gets dirty.
I usually shower and shampoo in the spring and at Christmas,
in between there will be only lukewarm water. Mine dogs do not love mud puddles!
Thanks to their rough trimmed furs, the dirt does not stick
just as easy. Absolutely no baths before trimming, then it will be next door
impossible to pull off old fur.

No baths before grooming!


However you choose to learn to groom your dog yourself or
hand over to specialists in the field so it is important that
train the puppy to stand on a table with brushing and combing
otherwise it can become a cumbersome and negative procedure when trim
the day is coming. Much of the puppy hair that is to be removed disappears
with the brush / comb.


You may really need to learn to trim your ears and tails yourself,
because there the fur grows fast and if you do that you keep it
much of the norwich look.


Strip the tail on the top and what stands out
on the sides of the tail.
The underside is cut with leveling scissors.
It's way too sensitive to pick there.
The top of the tail is also cut with scissors.
Norwich should not have a "flag" on its tail.
Around the anus is cut very carefully to prevent discomfort
to gather under the tail.
On the male dog, you can cut carefully like one
triangle around the genitals to keep the area a little fresh.


The ears strips on the top and around the entire earlobe with
your finger.
The inside of the earlobe as well, and clear away a little
ear canal. Norwich should not have any tassels on their ears.

Bella 3 months, puppy fur almost gone.
The tail stripped on the outside, cut on the top and inside.
The ears are stripped on both sides of the earlobe.
However, am not happy with the tufts next to the ears here ...


The best thing is if you can sign up for a fitness course
of course
During my years with norwich breeding, I have only succeeded
join one. The woods win, I have been a part of it
grooming of my first dogs and I learned a lot from that.
(Thank you for the fitness course 2007 Inez Sultan)
(Thanks for letting me watch, Lone Johansson Bauder!)
I've seen all the grooming movies I've come across
on the internet, over and over again and yet I am not a specialist
for I will never be.
You have to dare. What can happen? Hair grows back.

Learn what the dog should look like by looking for pictures
internet, read in the breed standard, join FB groups on "grooming" and
look for movie clips on youtube. You get your own opinion in the end, how to
wants his dog to look or what it should not look like. Select a few different images
as you can assume, put them up at the trimming table and work out.


So I think ...

Here is our little Knytte like me
self think has a pretty good tuned
head but it could perhaps be leveled
a little. There must be some hair behind
that holds together this little norwich wreath
also - must not be just a down rocker.

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