Kennel Kullalyckans

Our view of Basset Artesien Normand "BAN"

BAN is a great family dog that is happy and affectionate in nature
and loves to be involved in all activities.

It is also a very cooperative hunting dog looking and runs wild
with great certainty. It is not fast but determinedly and with a strong will.
BAN is a hound who need to hunt and track for it to feel good
and it is therefore not only as a pet.
The dog's short-haired fur prevents snow, mud and other debris stuck in the fur.
No grooming.

A BAN can lie and slumber soundly in bed and loves it ...
but when her master takes on hunting pants is halfway out of the car
for then it is ready for the funniest the know ... to hunt with dad.

We got our first BAN in 1984 when dad for the first time
showed it to hunting buddies as they smiled and wondered where it was mixed race.
It was completely unknown in our area then, now there are many who have their eyes
for this incredibly talented, legged and sturdy dog.

Are you interested in a faithful hunting buddy and companion
so can Basset Artesien Normand be a good choice


Olof & Ulla Alfredsson
Kennel Kullalyckans

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