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A Norwich Terrier is very easy to get along with
and the perfect family dog.
It is very happy and outgoing.
Norwich Terrier loves all people and animals.
     The breed is tough, active and alert and able to follow
the family on most activities.

The Statistics say that it is a very healthy dog.
However, there is a problem, it is APPETITE;
so it is important to keep the back so it does not
become overweight
Norwich Terrier of course need exercise as
all other races in that size.

We got our first Norwich Terrier in 2004
and she was the only dog ​​in the family. when the
doorbell rang
she never barked, she
just ran up to the door, tail wagging.
Now we have several Norwich Terriers and
they all
be the first to
say hello!

Norwich Terriers have wiry hair and it will be trimmed (picked).
During the week, or a dog that you do not set out to be
trim down properly 2-3 times a year.
An exhibition fur requires a little more work. It is then
picking and maintaining the coat more regularly to
get a good result.
The breed is available in all shades of red, wheaten,
black and tan or grizzle.
If you want a tough dog in a small can
Norwich Terrier be a good choice.


Ulla & Olof Alfredsson 
Kennel Kullalyckans

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