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We hope for NORWICH TERRIER puppies
It Must Have Been Love

SE UCH Copperstone It's My Turn

Read more about the planned litter

As requests for NORWICH puppies are very large,
we can not receive more interested people for
this particular planned litter. Which vill be the
only norwich terrier litter we plan for 2021


We are planning BASSET ARTÉSIEN NORMAND puppies
with Kullalyckans Jessy
Extimated maiting late summer 2021

       Updated when we know more.....

J Kullalyckans Jessy
At the Swedish Basset Club's exhibitions where
competition can be tough:
2 times BIS junior, 5 times BOB, 1 BIM, 1 CAC

Because she was too young to hunt merits,
she has had to wait for her CAC and the
exhibition championship.

No she has also manged hers hunting merits.
(The rules in Sweden)

Now we have to waiting for two more CACs
and then came the corona....no exibitions...

Some tips and advice before buying a BASSET ARTÉSIEN NORMAND:
Read the breed description!
Be observant of the height of the parent animals!
Basset Artésien is a dog that was originally intended to be used for clover game.
You who are looking for a good hunting dog for clover game read in the yearbook from BANK club.
There you can read about the parents' interest in hunting and exterior.
Be observant of the search!
It is better for the dog to chase for 30-45 minutes than to have a bad search.
Kennel Kullalyckans only merits its dogs at SbaK's Dog Shows.
Swedish Basset Club
This is our guideline in our kennel!

Are you interested in a puppy and can give them
an active,
loving and
eventful life, please
contact us
for more information!

      070-2060631 (Ulla) norwich terrier
070-5764726 (Olof) basset artésien normand 



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